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SEO Information About Google Business, Google Maps, Bing Business & Apple Mapping by Del Mar SEO.
What does the information in Google Business and Google Maps have to do with SEO and your business?

A New Kind Of Show & Tell

Remember when we were kids and we would get so excited and sometimes stressed out about bringing something special to class for show and tell? Maybe a Hamster or a rock or something from summer vacation?  Well:  Google Business, Apple Map, and Bing Business have a new kind of Show and Tell, It’s Called:

Google Business, Apple Map, and Bing Business.

Why do you need it?

Search Engine activity is key to business growth, if the robots don’t see you, then you’re just not there in the eyes of the Google, Apple, and Bing. They collect data to share with all those customers you desperately need to grow your business.

Google Business Page is hugely Important to any business with a Brick & Mortar location. If you don’t have a Google Business listing, then you will lose to your competitors across-town who have their business listed on the Search Engine Business Maps

This Will Have Major Impact On Your Business.

Google Maps will map your location, GPS coordinance, list your business content, pictures of your store, staff and any images of your products and services you want to present to your future customers.

The Power Of Reviews.

Reviews don’t forget Reviews; Reviews will help in a huge way to drive your Google page and placement ranking. Now more than ever Google is looking to actual customer experience, so getting 5-star reviews from real customers is a BIG deal, and not just for Google ranking but for people who are looking for a business like yours. Just ask yourself, If you were searching for a business would you choose one with no rating or a business with several 5-star ratings? The answer is clear 5-star ratings will drive business to your store. Don’t try to fake it because Google knows the difference from fake reviews done by software or a robot.

What Do You Know About Google Business Listings?

So many businesses are not aware of this awesome opportunity to benefit from Google Business and Google Maps, and that’s why I started my business, I wanted to help local businesses learn the latest and most cost-effective way to use this powerful force, and guess what, They Love It!

All your Information is now available in one place to help internet users find you from anyone’s smartphone, and who doesn’t have a smartphone?

More business and more local market share will be yours when you get you Google Business Page; all your future customers have to do is ask Google. They just click on that red mapping drop on the map, then like magic, they find your business with all your listing information in one place at an instant. That’s why, when someone is looking for your product or service in your area, you must show up on their search map, or they will go to your competitor!

What about Siri? Let’s not forget about Siri.

“If you have an iPhone, then you are talking to Siri. Asking her, where to go for places and services and how to get there.“

Can you afford to have your business left out of a Siri search?

If you have a business location that you want customers to know about, then you need Siri to show and tell them about your business. Apple Maps is the only way Siri will put you in the Front of The Apple Map search.

Apple Maps works like Google Business, but with the Apple Mapping System. The story for you is the same as, Google’s Business listings. If you are not listed, then Siri won’t pick you first. Harder for you to get folks through your front door. Your current and future customers will not have to work harder to find you. With your listing on their phone, they will appreciate that, do business with you, and give you a chance at those 5-star reviews that help your ranking.

With Del Mar SEO It’s So Easy To Get Listed

We Make It So Easy….For a small one-time fee you will Receive:

Google Business Listing

Your pictures and content

Google+ Account page Listing

Apple Map Business Listing

Bing Business Listing

Consultation & Follow Up

Benefit From This Service Will Last For Many Years To Come!

Back in the old days, you would pay $350.00 a month for a Yellow Page Ad!

This small one-time fee includes everything! Making this a simple choice to get started today. A Great Value.

I’m Also A Google Local Guide. What does that mean?

** I am an approved Local Guide for All Google Businesses Reviews

** I review, photograph and rank local businesses for Google

** I will provide a Local Review for Your Business.

** My Reviewed Listings Have over 200,000 views.

Did you know that Siri is the go to search for all Apple phones?

If you’re like me then you know, when you look for an address or a business you are going to immediately use your cell phone. Did you also know that Apple has and is continuing to developing Apple Maps for their mapping system?

I remembered years ago, Apple iPhones used to use Google Maps but not anymore. So this is critical not only for SEO to be in Apple’s mapping system but for Siri to give your business location some love.

Face it, you’re a bricks and mortar business, and you want to be found on your future customer’s internet search, especially if you want iPhone users to see you on their map when they ask Siri for details and directions.

Fill Out Our Application to Begin

How does it work?

It starts with an account with Google, Apple, and Bing. After you set up your accounts you will need to register your business information details and submit to these different search engine companies for the purpose of review and approval by their review department. After about 3 weeks these search companies will forward to you by mail a password that we will enter into the processing page and then you will be verified, live and active on the mapping search engines!

And Guess what, being verified and approved by Google, Apple and Bing is going to give you a nice boost and the opportunity to show up on page 1 of Google Maps 3 map listed businesses we in the SEO world call, “The Snack Pack”!

As you see by the copy of the search results that this search was for Del Mar Ca, Car Wash.

The search pulled up all the results that had “Del Mar Ca. Car Wash” in the top search pages. These companies are mapped and showing up in the “snack pack” ( list of 3 businesses) because they had someone proactively set up this account so that their business would show up on the map itself.

Now customers can easily GPS their directions, and get the service they want as soon as possible.

If you’re Not set up for Google Maps, and Google Business, you’re missing out on some fantastic advertising.

Because of this unique opportunity, we have a special offer for you. Everyone who contacts us for this placement service with a one-time fee of only $500.00 we will set up and submit for approval one physical (address) location on all 3 of these search engines, Google, Apple and Bing, mapping and business listings for your business.

We will take care of everything you need including pictures if needed if within 30 miles of Del Mar SEO, if further distance added fees may apply)

If You Don’t Have Your Business Mapped You Need To Do It Today!

We have a special Bonus Offer!  For all who contact us for this placement service, 

For a one-time fee of only $500.00 we will set up one brick and mortar ( physical address), location on all 3 of these search engines mapping systems, Google, Apple, and Bing, plus add all mapping and business listings where available.

** That’s not all, we will also GEO TAG All of your business photos posted (up to 5 pictures) in this offer for YOUR SEO benefit.

  !! As a Second Special Bonus and because we are Google Local Review Providers, we will provide you with a review of your business including pictures of you and staff your products and a 5-star review.   

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